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Pivot Lever Set CP

Brand: Zeta

Pivot CP clutch and brake set for Dual Sports and Supermoto models.

Lever folds outward to prevent breakage in the event of a crash.

Lever adapter is ultraprecise CNC machined cut of high grade aluminum for upper light weight design.

Available in red, blue, and black colors for specific models.


Please select a product option:

ZE44-5013/CRF250L/M/Red - Out of stock
ZE44-5011/CRF250L/M/Black $107.95
ZE44-7013/DRZ400S/SM,DR250R/Red $107.95
ZE44-6011/KLX250'08-,KLX125/150S,D-Tracker S, D-Tracker125/Black $107.95
ZE44-6012/KLX250'08-,KLX125/150S,D Tracker X,D Tracker125/Blue $107.95
ZE44-7011/DRZ400S/SM.DR250R/Black - Out of stock
ZE44-7012/DRZ400S/SM,DR250R/Blue - Out of stock
ZE44-8011/WR250R/X.Serow,Tricker,XT250X,DT230Lanza,TT250R/Black - Out of stock
ZE44-8012/WR250R/X,Serow,Tricker,XT250X,DT230Lanza,TT250R/Blue - Out of stock