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Fork Guard Bolt Set

Brand: Zeta

Made of light weight aluminum to make front fork bottom area lighter.

Beautiful anodized color with ZETA laser print logo on some part numbers.

Available for specific model, not only Japanese, but also KTM and Husqvarna.

CFR bolt kit, ZE8809102, comes with disc guard bolts.

Please select a product option:

ZE88-9416/blue/6 pieces YZ125/250'91-'07,YZ250F'01-'07,YZ450F'03-'07,WR250F'01-,WR450'04-,WR250R/X'07-,DRZ400SM'05- - Out of stock
ZE88-9302/red/6 pieces RMZ250'08-,RMZ450'08-,RMX450Z'10- $15.95
ZE88-9306/blue/6 pieces RMZ250'08-,RMZ450'08,RMX450Z'10- $15.95
ZE88-9202 /red / KX85 '98-13 / KX250F '05- / KX450F '06 - / KLX450R '08- / KLX250, D-TRACKER '98- / RMZ250 '05-06 / 250SB '02-06 $17.95
ZE88-9112/red/6 pieces CR85R/R'97-'07,CRF150R'07-,CRF250L/M'12-,CRM250AR'97-98,XR250/Motard'02-'07,XR400Motard'05-'08 - Out of stock
ZE88-9206/blue/6 pieces KX85/85'98-'13,KX125/250'05-'08,KX250F'05-,KX450F'06-,KLX450R'08-,KLX250/D-Tracker'98-,RMZ250'05-'06,250SB'02-'06 - Out of stock
ZE88-9406/blue/6 pieces YZ125/250'08-,YZ250F/450F'08-,YZ250FX'15- $17.95
ZE88-9503/orange/6 pieces 125-530SX/SX-F/XC-F/EXC/EXC-F/XC-W/XCF-W'00-655X'02-,85SX'03- $17.95
ZE88-9506/blue/6 pieces TC125/250'14-,TE125-300'14-,FC250-450'14-,FE250-501'14- $17.95
ZE88-9102/red/6 pieces/2 disc guard bolts CR125R/250R'97-'07,CRF250R/X'04-,CRF400R'02-,CRF450X'05- $24.95