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DRC Pro Spoon Tire Iron w/ Wrench

Brand: Dirt Freak

one end fits the axle nut, the other end is a tire tool made from heat-treated steel 25cm (10"") to 26.5cm(10.6"")wrench length Wrench available in 6 different sizes

Please select a product option:

D59-10-917/17mm/gunmetal $25.95 $20.76
D59-10-919/19mm/gunmetal $25.95 $20.76
D59-10-922/22m/gunmetal $25.95 $20.76
D59-10-924/24mm/gunmetal - Out of stock
D59-10-927/27mm/gunmetal $25.95 $20.76
D59-10-932/32mm/gunmetal $25.95 $20.76